The first image generated with ComfyUIThe first image generated with ComfyUI

About Us

We are a team dedicated to iterate and improve ComfyUI, support the ComfyUI ecosystem with tools like node manager, node registry, cli, automated testing, and public documentation.

The Vision

Open source AI model will win over the long run against closed models and we are at the beginning of it. Yet if open source models can only be utilized by a handful of cloud providers or closed sourced tools, is AI truly democratized? Our core mission is to advance and democratize AI tooling. We believe that the future of AI tooling is open-source and community-driven.

The Team


Comfyanonymous is the creator of ComfyUI and a cofounder of Comfy Org.


Alex "mcmonkey" Goodwin is the creator of StableSwarmUI. Prior to Comfy Org, Alex was an ML Engineer at Stability AI.


Dr.Lt.Data is the creator and maintainer of the ComfyUI-Manager and the Impact/Inspire Pack. His main areas of interest are ecosystems and applications that effectively utilize ComfyUI.


pythongosssss is a major contributor to ComfyUI and the creator of ComfyUI-Custom-Scripts.


Robin is the creator and maintainer of comfy registry, and really cares about good node standards. Prior to Comfy Org, he was building virtual agents at Google Cloud.


Yoland is the creator of ComfyCLI and maintainer of ComfyCI. Prior to Comfy Org, he was a Search ML engineer at Google and he was a Chromium committer.

james kwon

James is the maintainer of Comfy Registry and works closely w/ @Dr.Lt.Data on improving CLI, Registry and ComfyUI Manager intergration.


HaoHao is passionate about connecting w/ creatives and developers in Comfy ecosystem. Prior to Comfy, he ran software conferences and founded an ed-tech startup. He loves dressing up as a "banana man".

Contact Us

You can reach us on: Discord Matrix Twitter Blog Email

Frequently Asked Questions

Comfy will continue to adopt state of the art models to stay on the bleeding edge. We also aim to review PRs and address Github issues faster. There is also a need to improve the user experience and developer experience for custom node authors. While we are still iterating on the exact model, we plan share future improvements under Projects on Github. All major changes will begin as a Github Discussion, which will be shared on our Discord and Matrix servers. Once we reach a final design we will add the implementation to a public roadmap. Please follow our twitter, discord or matrix servers for updates.